Does HIIT Cycling Training Improve Running Performance?

These two studies looked at cycling HIIT training’s effects on running performance. It seems that HIIT training does help running performance to a degree. Study One Summary The Effect of Different Recovery Intervals in High-Intensity Cycling Training on Running Performance A recent study examined how the ratio of work-to-rest intervals during high-intensity interval cycling training (HIIT) impacts running … Read more

Endurance Athletes and Sprinters Neglect VO2 max Training at Their Own Peril

Study Summary Can Endurance Athletes Hit Their Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Any Race Distance? Researchers tested the idea that endurance athletes can reach their maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) in races of any distance, from sprints to marathons. VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen an athlete can consume during intense exercise and is a … Read more

Ketone Esters Appear to Reduce Mental Fatigue and Muscle Inflammation in Endurance Athletes

Study Summary We’ve long suspected the following: Exogenous Ketones’ main benefits may be in regard to mental elements of a race. Particularly the ability for your brain to be alert and not want to quit. Now a new study appears to back this up. A study examined whether ketone ester supplements could help endurance athletes sustain their mental … Read more

The Ideal Warm Up for Maximal Endurance Performance Despite Less-Than-Ideal Pre-Race Wait Times

Go With a Medium Warm Up, Not Easy or Hard A new study published in the International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching found that warming up at a moderate intensity well before reporting to the start line led to the fastest 1600-meter time trial performance compared to lighter or more intense warm ups, even … Read more

Does New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract Enhance Endurance Performance in Repeated High-Intensity Exercise?

While many of us compete in sports that are straight-up repeated sprints, the varied, or stochastic, nature of a triathlon, bike race, or even a 5K where you must cover moves makes these studies more relevant to racing. STUDIES SUMMARY Research shows that New Zealand blackcurrant (NZBC) extract can improve performance in high-intensity interval and … Read more

Can Jump Training Boost Running Endurance Performance?

Jumping Meta-Analysis Summary Two recent studies analyzed the effects of jump training on endurance athletes and found notable performance improvements. The systematic reviews and meta-analyses examined controlled studies involving healthy endurance runners of any age or sex. Jump training led to a significant moderate improvement in time-trial performance for distances between 2 to 5 kilometers, equal … Read more

Do Reverse Ramp Tests and Workouts (aka Decremental Protocols) Improve VO2 Max?

The well-known ramp test or ramp workout is frequently used by endurance athletes either to measure progress (test) or elicit progress (training session) or both. The athlete increase power (cycling, rowing erg) etc. or pace (running) every certain amount of time (1 min blocks, 3 minute blocks, 5 minute blocks etc.) But what about a … Read more