Things To Note

When looking at a particular summary, please note:

  1. The summary is JUST of one particular study unless we note it is a comparison or aggregate. Realize there may be a study that finds different results, even studies that we’ve summarized.
  2. The best way to see all the studies we have on a given topic is to look at the tags at the bottom of the article. Each tag works like a book index and will fetch any other study that is similarly tagged. (Ex. Ketone Ester tag will pull up an archive of any study on that topic.)
  3. We try to select from the better-executed studies that have decent citations or more appear rigorous studies. Some studies fascinate us, so we pick them.
  4. Implement any implied training principles or make training or racing changes at your own risk. Yes, these are clinical studies, but proceed with care and caution.
  5. There are also some posts categorized as reviews. These are our impartial reviews with products we actually have used and have experience with. No pay-to-play reviews here!
  6. Some studies’ findings cross over across sports types–from cyclists to runners and vice versa. Some will be unique to the sample sport they used. Apply across disciplines with care.
  7. A final category of Experiments exists. These are not studies, but rather N=1 experiments Jordan or a friend has tried to see if they bring gains, grins or something else. (Ex. The TDF E-racing experiment. Try them if you like (at your own risk). Let us know if they work or fail miserably for you. We are curious.
  8. Nothing on this site is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. Check with your physician before making any radical changes to your training volume or training intensity.
  9. Finally, never try what you have not tried in practice in a race. (Example: Don’t dump down 50g of Ketones and 2lbs of bicarbonate and start a new warm up protocol right before a race for the first time. The same for equipment reviews. Don’t be like the guy I saw buying a new model of saddle and installing it right before a 12-hour ultra, because that’s just dumb. Be smart!)

Other than that, your body is a meat motor (meat = muscle that powers you forward). Enjoy, learn, and get out there and try to go faster or farther!